Lazy Libations–Presenting The Doublewide

Entertaining this summer and feeling extremely lazy?  The Doublewide is your answer.

Invented by me, Michael Manley, The Doublewide, as you may deduce from the name, suggests a certain earthy Americana, not to mention the twin virtues of thrift and sloth. Don’t ask me why I found myself in posession of Mike’s Hard Lemonade, it was an impulse buy that I still can’t explain even to myself.

A quick search suggests the name is unique to my cocktail–to my knowledge, this is the only trailer-named libation around.  Score.

And hey local barkeeps, since I will never eat my way into fame (hungry for a Big Dobranski anyone?) feel free to steal this a put it on your Vegas cocktail menus.  Just credit me somehow, and/or serve me them free for as long as I live…

The Doublewide

3 parts Mike’s Hard Lemonade

1 part Jack Daniels or similar whiskey

1/2 lime

1/2 teaspoon grated ginger or crushed fresh ginger

fresh mint leaves

Crushed ice

Muddle lime, ginger and mint in a glass.  add ice, mike’s hard lemonade and whiskey.  Stir, garnish with a wedge of lime and fresh mint.  Enjoy!

NOTE: make it by the pitcher and save yourself endless muddling–beats the standard white sangria you were gonna make by a mile…

Michael Manley is a professional musician, food nut, writer and technological retard who lives and works in Las Vegas.  He posts on Twitter as TLV_Michael.




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  1. Can you puhleeeze post your blog entries or at least links to them on facebook? I don’t subscribe to things (too many emails already) and don’t twitter (not evolved enough). I sure would appreciate it as a non writer foodie obsessed person. 🙂

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