DVR Alert–Molecular Gastronomy Thrives on cable’s ‘Planet Green’

Faithful readers will recall my embarrassing, school-girl like love letters to Planet Green’s “Future Food,” featuring chefs Homaro Cantu and Ben Roche of Chicago’s Moto (which can be read here, here and here.)

Completely by accident, I stumbled onto “In Search of Perfection” on the Cox cable screen guide.  Seeing the name “Heston” in the description, I thought–could it be The Fat Duck’s Heston Blumenthal?  How many Heston’s are there really?  I quickly switched channels to find that yes, Planet Green is indeed featuring two of the most important chefs alive in their programming.  I could not click the ‘record all episodes’ button on my intrepid DVR box quickly enough.

Haven’t watched a full episode yet, though the gist seems to be to seek out the ultimate version of standard dishes.  I remain flummoxed by why Planet Green has become the oasis of molecular gastronomy (when I last left Chef Blumenthal he was sampling at least 6 varieties of dead cow–resource-hogging, grain eating, completely-not-green-at-all cow).   But why ask why?  At least someone, somewhere is showcasing this important cooking movement (is The Food Network too busy tracking the life cycle of Whoppers, or allowing Paula Deen to deep-fry a biscuit-wrapped snickers, in that charming “Yes I really am a walking parody of a Tennessee Williams character” way of hers?)…

In any case, “In Search of Perfection” is worth a look–Heston Blumenthal being Britain’s earliest and best chef of the mad-scientist school.

“In Search of Excellence” airs on the Planet Green cable network.  Check local listings for times and dates.

Michael Manley is a professional musician, food nut, writer and technological retard who lives and works in Las Vegas.  He posts on Twitter as TLV_Michael.

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