Welcome to The Age of Manley

Welcome to The Age of Manley.   Let’s evolve, shall we?

Inexplicable, Frighteningly Huge Green Monkey, Laughlin, NV

So: on a recent trip to Laughlin, NV I happened on a riverside promenade lined with the above Inexplicable, Frighteningly Huge Green Monkeys.  They were functional: each outsized ape wielded (in an uncomfortably phallic fashion) a torch-themed lantern, presumably to light the way.  The detritus of a now-gone hotel/casino, I surmised. 

What a perfect simian simile for my new venture into the blogosphere–for I too, am a primate bent on illumination.  And yes, at times I may even instill fright in small children and the elderly.

But what do the Gargantuan Molded Fiberglass Chimps of Laughlin mean?  And why choose them as my talisman, indeed my muse?

They are derelict, neglected, forgetten; cast-off, out of context, remnant; essentially skidmarks in the underwear of history.  Who built them, and why?  The monkeys offer no proof; they stand as mute witness to their own obsolescence–an apt metaphor for the essentially ephemeral-yet-permanent nature of content in the digital age. 

Some background:  My virgin venture into the blogosphere was as a co-thinker-upper and contributing writer on the excellent Tasting Las Vegas.  That blog is now the sole purview of Mike Dobranski, who continues his lively and up-to-the-minute survey of the Las Vegas dining scene there.  A few factors made branching off a logical choice.  First, with Two Guys Named Mike posting, authorial confusion inevitably ensued (the blog as a format better suits the singular voice).  Second, my content was really broadening to include travel, the cultural landscape, and my obsession with molecular gastronomy (sadly, a cuisine not much represented in Las Vegas).  Third, Mike Dobranski is a true blogger, whereas I’m more of a writer wedging myself into the blog rubric.  Even though I’ve not yet achieved the cross-media integration Mike has done with TLV (through Twitter and Facebook, etc.), I remain hopeful that I will let go of my rhetorical OCD to achieve more frequent posts here, and to establish a higher profile on Facebook and Twitter as well.  I hope you’ll stick around for my cyber-evolution.

So what can you expect here at The Age of Manley?  Well more food and dining for sure (note: my posts from Tasting Las Vegas have been imported to this blog and can be found under Food and Dining).  Also: critical writing on books, culture, the arts, and some politics thrown in.  Also, I plan to share some of my own fictional and dramatic work, including my experiments in the peculiar genre of Twitter Fiction–complete works of fiction in 140 characters or less. 

I’m posting in five major categories, with more narrow sub-categories to be added soon.  These are:

On Books and Culture

On Food and Dining

On Life and Politics

On the Performing Arts

Plays and Fiction (c) Michael Manley

So for those of you who are following me here from Tasting Las Vegas, thanks for reading and the continued conversation.  For those of you new, welcome to my world. 

Let the evolution begin!

Michael Manley is a professional musician, avid foodie, and writer living Las Vegas, Nevada.  Follow him on Twitter @AgeOfManley.

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