Twit Lit 101: An intro to A.D.D. Fiction

When I first became aware of Twitter I couldn’t be less interested in it.  I’m still not feeling much Twitter love, and am not particularly drawn to reducing the events of my life to 140-character glib asides.

But the odd, arbitrary frame of the 140-character real estate was interesting to me as a platform for something else–writing fiction.  Early searches found some novels and short stories written over several twitter posts, but that seemed like cheating to me–I was more drawn to the severe limitation of crafting an entire work of fiction in 140-or-less characters of typed modern English.

Stravinsky once said something about the more rules an artist has the more free he is.  Taking his dictum to absurd levels, my twitter fiction began to take on even more challenges–stories which used words of only one syllable; the rather perverse challenge of composing a perfect letter palindrome. 

After a bountiful early harvest of 30 or so Twitter stories, I lost momentum.  But I’m hoping sharing my body of twitter works here will spur some critical feedback and urge me on to more.

The challenge of Twitter Fiction is achieving the ‘beginning, middle, end’ aspect (aka, a plot…) we associate with fiction.  It’s easy to describe a moment, but suggesting plot is much harder in the 140-character format.

So I’ll present my efforts in chronological order, beginning with my first untitled effort:

How many times had he heard her say This Is The Last Time? And no words would ever convince her that backing over Mittens was an accident.

Stay with me–they get better…

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